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After the devastating impact of the 2011 Great Eastern Japan earthquake there was a huge outpouring of generosity from people around the world, and major reconstruction projects were set in motion to help the people of the Tohoku region.
Sadly though many of the most vulnerable are still greatly in need of help, especially the children who have been emotionally and psychologically traumatised by the tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster.


In an attempt to raise awareness of the needs of these children we were approached by filmmaker/artist Gregory Rood with the idea of combining the talents of some of the greatest Japanese anime artists and international musicians with the hope of raising funds for El Sistema, a visionary global movement that transforms the lives of children through the healing power of music.
We were eager to be involved and offered our song “By Your Side’ as it expresses a feeling of love and solidarity.

We are delighted to be collaborating on this film with Tsuneo Goda, creator of Domo and Komaneko, and the award winning Stop Motion Animation filmmakers at dwarf.
The film will be released on March 11, 2014, the third anniversary of the earthquake. Please give generously to El Sistema.


About "By your side"
Tsuneo Goda

Soon after the Great East Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami,
Gregory Rood, a filmmaker and artist from New Zealand,
launched Zapuni to bring together Japanese visualartists
and world famous recording artists for the creation of films
to support children affected by the disaster.
I ended up getting involved
by working with Sade via their song "By Your Side."
Using the lyrics,
"I'll be there / Hold you tight to me" as a starting point,
I created the animation.

The March 2011 disaster
and the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant
exponentially complicated the problems we face.

There are many sides to the debate about nuclear power,
but what about the people who are losing jobs,
having to give up their homes to be safe?

Can we say, "Well, unfortunately they had to evacuate,"
and leave it at that?

For me, living an easy life, it was not something I could ignore.

There was a disaster…
Many people have been through something awful…

Hoping that a cheerful everyday life will return to Tohoku…

It's a bit much, maybe, but wanting to "hold them tight to me…"

I don't want to forget any of these things,
and that is why I joined this project.
I want to support these children
who have such immense challenges to overcome.

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