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  • ちいくまふぉと
  • ぼっちふぉと
  • Bocchi and Chiikumaふぉと
  • ぼっちふぉと

A picture book cartoon by Tsuneo Goda, illustrating the heartwarming daily life of a girl and a small bear.

“Bocchi and Chiikuma” is a picture book cartoon series published on the magazine “Ne Ne” by Shufu To Seikatsusha since 2004.

“Bocchi” with a big brown hair is a punk girl with a warm heart.
She lives with “Chiikuma”, who is sarcastic, but in fact, lonely.
Its distinctive illustrations and colors expresse their daily life with a sense of the season and nature. She is a little child but lives alone with Chiikuma in a mountain cabin. They can not avoid incidents happening.