Komaneko official site

Komaneko, living with her grandfather on a hill,
is a kitten who loves to make dolls
and uses them for her Stop Motion Animation films,
therefore the name Koma (to shoot a movie frame by frame),
and Neko (cat). The director dealt with
“What is it to make things?” and drew “Being oneself”
or “The sentiment we reach through things we make”
 through a life of Koma with her family and friends.
The first short film, “Komaneko-The first step-”
was born with many spectators watching our public exhibition
held at the Tokyo Museum of Photography in 2003.
Then, it was edited into 5 short episodes, and shown
before feature films at a Tokyo art theater,
Shibuya Cinema Rise. In the winter of 2006,
adding 4 stories, the feature film
‘’Komaneko -The Curious Cat-‘’
was released nationwide.
 Outside Japan, it’s been released
inTaiwan (in the summer of 2007)
and in France (in the spring of 2009).

Tsuneo Goda /
      Director and character design
Hirokazu Minegishi / Animator
Noriko Matsumoto / Producer