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Moved over 180 thousands fans in France! “Komaneko” themselves deliver the charm of Stop Motion Animation.

Komaneko was born at the public production project at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. They are the cats who film with the stop motion animation technique, and therefore they are named “Komaneko” (Koma means to shoot a movie frame-by-frame, and Neko means a cat).

Their debut short film, “Komaneko -The First Step-“ led to the feature film “Komaneko -The Curious Cat-“ and had been released nationwide in Japan. In the spring of 2009, it had been released in France, and has been playing as a long run film in over 900 theaters.

Its sequel film “Komaneko’s Christmas -The Lost Gift-” was released in the winter of 2009, and has become the standard film for Christmas.

The latest film completed in 2013, “Komaneko, Home Alone”, was created as the public production project at the museum as in the case of “Komaneko -The First Step-”, and has become popular. This film won the jury's special award for its imaging technique from Motion Picture and Television Engineering Society of Japan, and received the high reputation through invited screenings at Zlín International Film Festival (Czech), London International Animation Festival (UK), and Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (Korea). On the one hand, Komaneko has become the commercial character for “Kakonaru” by Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare (2010), the director for “Kinder Film Festival” (from 2011), the support character for Japan’s wind-instrument contest hosted by Asahi Shimbun (from 2011).

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